The Standout Developer by Randall Kanna

The Standout Developer

A Complete Guide For Developers on Job Hunting, Acing the Interview and Landing the Job

A Complete Guide For Developers on Job Hunting, Acing the Interview and Landing the Job

People reach out to me all the time and ask how they can standout in their job hunt and land a new developer job.

I wrote The Standout Developer to answer those questions and share how I did it all.

I've packed this book with everything:

  • What I did to go from desperately looking for a job and getting NO responses to job applications to where I am today—Google, Facebook, PayPal, and LinkedIn and other notable companies reaching out to me so often I can't keep up with the flood of emails and queries.
  • My winning strategy to prepare for an engineering interview.
  • The insider information on what managers and recruiters are looking for in candidates that I gained being on hiring teams for public tech companies.
  • Learn how to create an audience, build a brand in engineering, a Twitter presence, as well as the LinkedIn strategies I've personally used with great success.
And there is more.

You'll also get access to valuable resources like 60+ places to job hunt, how to land a remote job, help to create your customized plan for a whiteboard interview, and the best algorithm prep resources. 

You'll get all future versions of this book.

Sneak peak of a few sections

  • Build Your Brand: This Chapter covers finding your engineering niche, building an audience, crushing it on LinkedIn, and landing your first speaking gig and my secret to how I gained over 8,000 Twitter followers in 30 days.
  • Creating a Successful Blog: Abbey Rennemeyer, the editor of freeCodeCamp, showcases how to create a great blog post. I'll also discuss why you need a content calendar, how to promote your posts and more.
  • Resumes: This chapter is your guide to a great engineering resume. I'll share steps on how to write and edit your resume, common resume mistakes, selecting a template, how to standout in a stack of resumes, and much more.
  • Getting to the Interview and Beyond: How I prepare for algorithm interviews, my secrets to the coding take-home challenge, and my favorite resources.
  • Chapters on networking, portfolios, negotiating, and skills.
  • Surprise bonus chapters.
And special interviews with:
Daniel Vassallo, Kyle Shevlin, Marcos Iglesias, Ben Ilegbodu, Abbey Rennemeyer, Shawn Wang, Madison Kanna and more.

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With this book you won't be where I was in the beginning—sending out countless resumes and getting no responses—wondering if I ever would get a job.

You'll have a proven roadmap, preparation, and interview strategies, inside knowledge of what the hiring manager wants to see, and how to stand out to get the offers you want.

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